The New Faces of the Republican Party - Possible Buress Problem

It seems our Republican Party has been making changes such as the obvious one which is our 2009 Vice-Presidental Candidate Sarah Palin and then Party Chairman is now Michael S. Steele. Well all I can say that this will be a very exciting year as we have Obama as our President of 2009 and further til the next elections, could the Republicans take over again? That im not sure, but who knows what may happen in 4 years. I root both sides only if one of them can help the economy. But what i am sure about is the story surrounding Illinois Senator Buress. Asking him to reasign basically everyone. We just moved past the agony and embarrassment of former Gov. Rod Blagojevich's ousting, the fellow Democrat whom Blagojevich appointed to the U.S. Senate was hearing calls for his own resignation Sunday amid allegations he lied to legislators. Ughh, what are we going to do with Illinois and politics, could it ever be not so dirty and ruined?

( I know i Did two postings in one, but whatever!! enjoy! :D)

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