Music & Outfit Inspiration Saturday: Easy Going with Santo & Johnny Farina

I was just going through some oldie songs recently from the 50s and 70s, and remembered this old number, for that haunted yet romantic overtone it had. And of course that amazing intro that others try to replicate when they do a rendition of it, but it doesnt compare!

Listening to this on a nice road trip with the windows down, or in your room looking out at the sky with the wind blowing against your face, or when you see your crush or lover in the distance.

Imagination can run wild with this song.

And I of course, made an outfit to go along with this:

Ethereal, reminiscent, glorious, feelings, all of the above.

Dress: DVF Nieves Dress/ Sandals: Chloe Leather Strap Sandals / Object: Windchime / Bag-Minaudiere: Lanvin 'Love' Clasp Purse / Bracelet: Kate Spade NY Gold Chain Charm Bracelet

~Kaye Beeh

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