Blazer Weather

As per my other post, I also acquired two other blazers, I am on fire!

This Louis Ferraud number, a little bit of 80s shoulder pad action but its nicely structured in a boyfriend fit and goes great with a funky scarf and jeans alla Parisian meets Kate Lanphear.

And also found a J. Crew on the cheap.
Nice soft wool in a black color, very modest and au potentiale!

Speaking of the jeans and outfit potentials, my two items I would definitely pair just putting them next to the blazers, would be this Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mab Tote Bag in the dusty pink and my boyfriend ripped denim by Gap.

For Shoes, maybe a colorful pop by Lanvin, since they are black blazers. Dont want to look boring.

There is also my new Rebecca Minkoff Blazer i havent worn yet, waiting for the right time but sometimes there is no time, you just have to wing it. Heres to hoping that spontaneous moment comes soon.

Yep and shoes in rotation with these outfits that I feel can work nicely with it. A nice harmonious but quirky fun outfit. If I want classic, I can do it. If quirky, I can. New age, I can. European, of course.

To the end possibilities and how fun fashion and style can be, thats why you cant take it too seriously sometimes, there is a time and a place.

~Kaye Beeh

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