Beeh's Christmas Wish List!

Christmas WishList!

Alot of unique things this year, nothing too extravagant, except for some big money items that are just lux and does not stand out too much. :)

Still wanting a Rag and Bone Pilot Bag in either small or large, I have a feeling this is the year. In either leather or that paisley denim and leather combo!

Then in with my new found love in spinning classes and the support to my already fitness and workout addicted self, a class pack of Flywheel spinning classes! Feed that addiction, healthy that is.

Then a Michele watch, I have always come close to getting one and then shutting it down but this time, I feel like the CSX with the tiny diamond bezel or no diamond bezel would be a great addition to my arm.

Then of course, this fitness addict needs new sneakers besides the past nikes, reeboks, and vibrams, THE UBIQUITOUS FLYKNITS!

And of course, you cant not like the quirky cute Alessandro Michele Gucci's Fur Loafer Slippers. Its like Chanel 2010 but a little sleeker.

A Diptyque candle, yes I know a bit repetitive on all of the lists out there but I love the Choisya scent ever since I went to Space NK and bought the Tubereuse and got the mini one, now I want the large one to burn forever. Hehe.

And a first in a long time, LOFT is starting to have some cute things, like this Cocoon Coat. :) I love the stripes, I am a sucker for it and the large shape, au potentiale.

The next three pieces are from AllSaints. First is the Mangla Wave Top, I love the pattern and sleeves, with the little cut out in the back, so edge. Then the Dahlia Sweatshirt, love the shape and texture to it. And finally the Carin Long Shirt, a bit on the expensive side but that silk is no joke and I love the boxy loose fit it has.

Finally of this exhaustive list, if you know my instagram and other posts, I love a good Lanvin sneaker. I need another pair, technically want but "NEED". :)

Santa, please! lol

~Kaye Beeh

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