Shenmue 3: On Its Way!

So the last I blogged about Shenmue 3 possibilities was way back in September of 2009, can you imagine that is nearly 6 years, coming up soon?

Well its official, Shenmue 3 is on, after the failure of the Online adaptation, live action gossip, endless gossip and speculation since 2001, 14 years later we have the answer from Yu Suzuki and he included us! From Dreamcast to PS4 and PC; also possible Xbox One as platforms that it will be exclusively available on!

Back in June of this year, 2015, YuNet, Yu Suzuki's production team/company, launched a kickstarter campaign that reached its 2 million cap goal within a day, from donations from long time fans and celebrities of the game series alike! There were different benefit levels and each person that donated at least gets an honorable mention in the game credits! Now how cool is that!

It finally reached a maximum of $6 million, way past the minimal cap goal and this means even more funds available for a better game and a high high high interest in it being done right. More QTE anyone??
Screenshot from the official Shenmue 3 kickstarter campaign!
Screenshot from the official Shenmue 3 campaign with Backer Number & Amount Made!
But I have one request that I think the original platform fans would love, if there was a special edition made dreamcast disc of the third installment, so a vintage game collector and Shenmue trilogy fan, can enjoy. That would be the ultimate throwback.

Well, Shenmue 3 news and behind the scenes looks will be progressing more and more as months go on, cant wait? Neither can I!

~Kaye Beeh

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  1. Ooooh not much of a gamer but I can feel your excitement :D Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, always try my best to return the support! <3


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