Spice Up Your Life: The Container Store New Service!

Just got the email and its official, for those of us who have all of these extravagant organizational ideas and love the materials and resources from the Container store, there is now an at home design and installation option to make things a bit easier.

For about $50, and $75 an hour, in some places, you can design things.

Then in details, they describe the steps of the process:

"A few days following your consultation, your Contained Home Organizer will present your personalized organization solution.
Once you agree on an organization plan and your solutions are purchased, we will schedule delivery and installation.
Your Contained Home Organizer can then sort and stage your belongings from your spaces.
A skilled Contained Home Installer will ensure your solutions are installed beautifully and even paint your spaces a fun, fresh color if desired.
Lastly, your Contained Home Organizer will style and organize your belongings into your beautiful new solutions."

Heres the link if you want to see if its available at your local Container store.
I myself being so into decor and have over 400 and something interior design and creative ikea hack pins, I think this is another great idea to consider if you have the money and help get your ideas from your head into a tangible project.
~Kaye Beeh


  1. Kaye, I love this idea... I think if I was organized I would then know what I have and stop purchasing items in over and over... :)

    1. I 1000% agree. At least I can help from decluttering if I know where everything is! lol And save some money.


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