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Been busy and not busy lately, studying for an exam, since the last exam bombed (That is usually not my style, so as you can believe I was so down about it, my inner perfectionist had a heart attack). Now I am trying to be fully prepared for all circumstances and practice practice practice as much as I can. Sometimes you cannot control everything (Like a Blair Waldorf) and try to pave out your path but allow for mistakes and learning curves.

Anyways, I was always a fan of Allsaints Spitalfields clothing like their leather moto jackets, leather biker boots, and crispy clean neutrals but never got the chance to buy any, until NOW! I went to Bloomingdales and decided to finally look through and found the most absolutely abstract and effortlessly cool piece that one could have. This sweater:

It has a nice asymmetrical cut in the front, it does not close completely but more so drapes across the body. Not to mention the presentation, the shopping bag was cute and the declaration of independence script looking wrapping paper was so cool.

Overall, I am so impressed with Allsaints more and more now. My next goal is to buy another sweater and finally get one of their leather moto jackets. The quality is unparalleled.

~Kaye Beeh

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