Jewelry Love

Happy 2015! And lets make this the best one yet folks, Day 3 of 365, What are you up to!

For myself, I spent some time today, organizing my jewelry and realized that I wear these 4 pieces so much nearly everyday that I gotta switch it up and rotate.

The first necklace is a gorgeous diamond key with mother of pearl center. Its so elegant and dainty. I love how it can spice up your outfit to make you feel like a princess.

The second necklace is another gift from my mother, a nice Lauren Taylor Gemstone and Swarovski Butterfuly pendant necklace. I love the shape, the colors, the beauty, and overall look of it. Its a statement piece that beautifully matches anything you wear.

I love the 3rd necklace, bought it as a gift for myself from New York Comic Con months ago, it has a swarovski element crystal in the hardware and the moon phase that was outside the year, date, and month I was born, imagine that.

Then the gold and crystal etched bracelet that has a drapey and loose fit element to it, which is amazing. Its subdued glam.

Yeah, I really should rotate.

Happy Bidding~

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  1. These are sweet necklaces... I really like the butterfly one and the one with your date of birth is sweet. Have a lovely weekend ♡


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