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I discovered Shoptiques when I was online shopping and looking through different ETSY and bonanza shops, not to mention Yelp, trying to figure out where I can get unique clothing styles and all of the cool kid clothing. (Cant believe I just said that)
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Was discovered by Olga and team when in Paris, they saw the loveliest pair of shoes and went back to the states and wanted to go back to the same boutique but thought of featuring all boutiques across the world and nearly every state of the United States.

Its basically curated pieces from every boutique, for any girl who wants that unique or cool piece for a good price. Basically, you do not have to do world travels to get nice things or feel as if you are missing much of anything because you can shop any boutique from your computer.

Its a really smart idea. But my only thing is, is every L or XL, the same L or XL somewhere else. If there is a measuring guide provided by all boutiques, not just a site standard one, then that would be amazing. But if they found a way to give a range if they use a site unified format, for every size between boutiques, then that would be awesome. :)

Check them out here

Loved this lace dress from a boutique in South Dakota
 A dress I have my beady eye on.
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Basically girls we can shop from Paris to San Francisco!

~Kaye Beeh


  1. Thanks for tip. I will share it with my friends..awesome to find new place to search and inspire =)


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  3. Thanks for this tip, now I must immediately check this shop :)
    Lovely greetings from Germany/Bavaria, Rena


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