E-Commerce and Fashion: Targeting Consumer Needs and Money

I got say that e-commerce is the new media business model that I hoped that brands would succumb to after a while because just how long one can run on older principles and expect to get new consumers and fans of the brand. I mean you have to see social media as this booming entity and consumers from all over the world that still need to be reached, its sort of nice to hear this.

Bloomberg's Businessweek presented this same idea earlier in which, brands are targeting specifically the asian market through e-commerce and other means. I mean its great that e-commerce is on but I hope its not tailored to serve just one set of wealthier and shopping cultured set of consumers that Asian countries presents like China, Japan, and Korea but it evolves e-commerce as a whole so that all of us can have tailored specialities, live chat help, and other tools and a mass variety of stock statistics so that we can make informed decisions on what we want to buy from the brands when we cant make it to the store, or even order directly from an overseas luxury brand's store that may not have something in stock in our mainlands.

E-commerce when handled well is amazing and should be promoted through media but at the same time, it needs up keep from appointed managers and site moderators to accommodate customer needs and concerns.

I mean this is an important topic because sometimes the business of fashion is just as important as color theory, fitting, high-low mixing, haute couture, and cutting edge vision. I mean think about it, if something is made, how can the world know about it?

Internet and other media. The New generation is here.

~Kaye Beeh

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  1. Good to know. I haven't heard of it before. I totally agree with you!



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