Tory Burch Lover Gift Guide & Essentials

For fellow Tory Burch fans or those that know of a Tory Burch connoisseur, here is a guide that is a couple of really objectively lovely pieces that is new or is an old classic of TB. It includes clothing, accessories, and shoes!

Sometimes it quite obnoxious for ladies to have to suffer for fashion in the cold and this is why this list includes things unrelated to cold but is so cute but at the same time, things great for cold weather wear, that are in fact appropriate!

1) The Jade Reversible Coat here. On sale now for $247. I love how you can get to wear 1 coat in two different styles, basically two coats for that good price on contemporary designer. The graphics on one side and this sleek shiny black on the other side.

2) Robinson Micro Double-Zip Tote here. Its a splurge at $435 but the leather is durable and lasts. Classic Tory Burch this piece is but its a mini version to the original Robinson Double-Zip Tote, which I gotta say is my favorite Tory bag for traveling, school, or days when you want to be fancy or lug things. The mint color is a fun color to mix in with earth and jewel tones that fall and winter brings, so sometimes my fellow black army, its okay.

3) Kerrington Mini Cross-body here. On sale now for $185. Loving the print of the pony polka dot like variety on this bag, its a crossbody for the crossbody lovers, classic TB emblem on the front, and its durable in terms of weather.

4) Collins Fringe Bootie here. One sale now for $276. Available in light and dark brown. Great for cold weather in shearling, fringe, and suede, the holy trifecta for cold weather wear.

5) Claremont Tall Boots here. On sale now for $346. Great leather with quilted and smooth leather blocking. Nice and tall, these I have seen in person, the leather is luscious and we all need nice boots to not only look good in but its necessary for chilly weather.

6) Thea Zip Coin Purse here. Costs $115. Comes in a light brown, medium, to dark black. The leather is luxe and its usual for those wanting something more primp than their trusty Kipling nylon purse.


7) Babylon Metal Stud Earrings here. Costs $68. I dont think enough attention is on how lovely  the TB jewelry is, the silver metals, the golds, and the most amazing designs like lattice, stamping, and some how the Tory Burch insignia is somehow worked into it. :)

Trust me, I wanted to add so much more but I figured to keep it simple and include the most standout pieces that are available at the website right now :)

~Kaye Beeh

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