Envy: Son Jung Wan Fall '14 Jacket

On the blog, I cover quite a bit of information about Son Jung Wan and every collection she comes out with for the autumn and spring months. But I can never forget the collection thats supposed to be for this autumn/winter. The technically, snow white, retroactive spacey minimalist pieces. The pieces that challenge your regular all white outfit or all black outfit.

Just a few touches here and there and BAM! Urban Space Warrior ready to go to dinner at Mercer Kitchen or deal with mergers and acquisitions. Which brings me, to my lust over this Wool and Calf Hair Jacket.

The lining of the neck, the carefully constructed separation between tail and main jacket, the lame innards of the sleeve. Just an overall lux piece that I need for my fall. Its the definite cross between cozy and knowing you can wear it with confidence.

~Kaye Beeh

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