Looks from Valentino Resort 2015

I love how Monsieur Valentino is such a classic designer and know what looks amazing on women's bodies, or bring out the femininity and beauty in all women of all shapes and sizes. I for one am in love with his dramatic designs and how they can be fun and flirty at the same time.

This particular collection, being the Resort 2015 collection, I love the versatility and fun associated in it.
Images courtesy of style.com

It is kinda of an English Romance in the Country meets City girl in the country.

 The red crochet lace dress and the milkmaid braids reminds me of a Polish/European maiden.

The way you can take any dress out of this and wear it for any function or event is awesome. Its a very European style of dressing where you will always look put together to go the store, go to the galleria, go to the art museum, and going to work.

Once again, Valentino, you've tempted my heart. I might try to re-create the first look with the floral skirt and bomber.

~Kaye Beeh

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  1. The Valentino collection is truly stunning. I was always a fan. I would kill for the second last dress. Sadly it's out of my price range :D


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