Plethora of Favorites: Bags Edition

I swear I could live on the PurseForum, some of the ladies are truly incredible with their bag purchases, sales finds, and intricate eye for the finer things in life. But I digress, my time on PurseForum I believe truly has fueled my further obsession with bags. Not to mention seeing lots of ladies with their gorgeous leather totes, canvas knapsacks, and the street style pictures that pop up on my desktop.

As you guys know from my many posts before about bags I love or wear for a really long time. The past couple of weeks, my love affair with these specific bags can truly put Kim Kardashian's Grandma Loveseat pattern dress at the Met Gala to shame. I have no shame in owning so much bags, its an obsession that I believe will forever continue. 

Meet my favorites for these last couple of weeks, some newbies and some oldie but goodies.

Hello to my new and first ever Alexander Wang Bag. Its the Alexander Wang Trudy! Alex the monkey I love to attach to every bag comes along for the ride on this one a lot! The buttery soft leather, the zippered sides, the hardware looking nails on the corner base, and the slouchy size are all desirable in a bag for me. Such an incredible design that I could dress it with anything I want.

 My Rebecca Minkoff Boyfriend Bag.
The purple shade, the geometric hardware, the studding, and the chains create that edgy look that I am a sucker for. I can also carry my RM pouch wallet in it as well. My Minkoff family is steadily growing, thats another obsession that I can't part without. Its a great bite size bag for when you don't want a huge bag.

    Another is my Christmas gift, the Rebecca Minkoff 3 Zip Clutch Mac Bag.
The nude beige hue, the leather, the zippers, the rocker look and size is awesome. Rebecca is so amazing at creating an aesthetic that every girl aspires to have that leather zipper piece in her closet!

Next is another favorite of mine! My Kipling Navy Blue Nylon Clutch. 
This darling I take with me to go anywhere and everywhere. I fit most of my things into it and my little gorilla buddy is a major plus. I do love that Kipling puts them with the bags, its so personable yet keeps a child-like element that we can never grow too old for everything.

 Lastly, the Elliott Lucca Woven Bag. It so bottega veneta like. It has a real cool tassel on the zipper. Also the golden hardware in contrast with the beige golden shade, is just perfect and complementary.

 Well, so many bags, so little time! Im off again! 

~Kaye Beeh

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