"Listing it at a higher price, are you crazy?" Million Dollar Listing NEW YORK IS BACK

I am so excited that MDL NY returned two weeks ago and thank goodness for reruns so I could actually watch it. Between no internet service at home currently and university finals week coming up, I don't know if I am coming or going. Cue my favorite White Arrows song if you wish.

Anyways, I really missed that Elliman chairman's son who was so shy like, fabulous, and yet was straight forward. There is a new kid on the block called Luis, the self proclaimed Puerto Rican who continuously reminds us viewers of that. I do like that he exudes confidence yet he is so Ricky Riccardo like, isn't he? I hope I am not the only to think that. Haha. Onto Frederick with his fiancé and still selling multimillion dollar properties and Ryan Serhant, just being Ryan Serhant. Vivacious, hilarious, and is somewhat trying to be the break out star. If he isn't already. Hehe ;)

Best part in the episode was when Ryan joined the model in the pool at Frederick's open house. Not only was that a tool like move, I can't blame him for it. That will forever be a classic, well in addition to Ryan and his obsession with the ladies.

All in all, the men on this show really can outdo the way some women I know get along and argue. Or possibly us New Yorkers do it better than anyone else. 

With all that said, Welcome back MDL NY, I have missed seeing million dollar New York City properties and the men behind them.

P.S. Luis' having a twin brother what a twist!

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