Kipling x Helen Christensen Event

I had the pleasure of the attending the Kipling Special Event with Guest Helena Christensen, whom was apart of their latest collaboration and contributed some gorgeous designs and styles that I feel everyone this season will love, when it comes out in stores.


So we can all think of the Kate Moss x Longchamp collab and that was fab but this collection I feel is ultra fab. Take Kipling, a long time loved brand where nylon bags, knapsacks, and backpacks were adorned. Add the feminine and sexy Helena Christensen and what do you get?

A collection of gorgeous floral screen printed accessory of clutches, leather and solid color bags that are very practical yet stylish and you could wear the bag the entire week. And the price point is very affordable. Talk about style and practicality. It is convertible with any outfit or look, you try to exude.
The view going there, I say that Manhattan during the
evening time is when its at its best.

Of course, my Coach Leather bag is my buddy for the evening, after a long day of ethics classes.

And on the right is the hors 'doeuvres. Smoked Salmon on pumpernickel. Nothing better.

 My Leather sleeve utilitarian jacket was my other buddy. I feel bare without it. A casual edge is needed isnt it?

 I love whenever Kipling having these like gorilla buddies on your bags. Its like your best friend and each have a name they are called. Isn't that cute?!

Many of these bags are from the new collection, not Helenas!

Overall, I saw a couple of pieces that I would not mind having in my growing bag collection.
I can't wait to see the overall reception and consensus of the bags.

But in the meanwhile, do you guys like kipling bags or the new collection of Kipling bags seen above?! :)

~Kaye Beeh


  1. great pictures darling!
    much love from NYC

  2. Nice photos and I love the first bag.


Xoxo, Thanks for reading.