Suno x Uniqlo Collaboration: The Journey through prints

Suno Uniqlo Collaboration

Pants: $40 / Dress: $40 / Sleveless Top: $30 / Skirt: $40

I am sure this is not new news but the new Suno x Uniqlo Collaboration is out at Uniqlo since May 20th. I heard the announcement last month but have been quite busy. Basically CFDA Award-winning design duo Max Osterweis and Erin Beatty have teamed up with Japanese fashion foward brand and store Uniqlo for design aeshetically pleasing pieces. And I have to say nothing is over $49.99, now thats a good day. These are my favorite pieces and I have yet to make it to the one over in Soho, lets hope my size is still available or the styles.

Its like a prairie home meets geometry and summer prints style. Can do well as standalones or with my previous post about a beeh kinda summer, sneakers and shorts!
~Kaye Beeh


  1. cool! love all the prints!!

  2. Very lovely clothes :)
    thank you sooo much for your nice comment <3
    xoxo from Munich

  3. I like the color, the material, the design, there's nothing wrong about this item. It is exactly what mens leather jackets I am expecting. is really good to shop leather products, I will go again.


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