Beeh's Daze

The perks of my life these days have been studying, studying, thrifting, and well finding interesting things. But this is no different from my usual routine no?

My new Converse, $4. They are a dreamboat, aren't they?
They go with everything, including my confidence

Hello, Money!

Because i like random things on train windows. Hehe.

Good food. Since I have been eating more lately. Can you Equinox and Lucille Roberts time?

Rebecca travels everywhere with me.

And of course a yellow chair. I mean why not.

I believe its important that we all find things that inspire us in real life and share it with each other, it makes the culural melting pot we call society. All sorts of different values, ideas, arts and crafts are available.

Tata for now!

~Kaye Beeh


  1. nice pics! xo, Alma

  2. 4 Dollars for chucks. That´s a steal. Lucky you <3



Xoxo, Thanks for reading.