Tribal Summerish

I hope you guys have been enjoying the wee moments of early summer. Its hot, the italian ices are melting as I type, and my portable Brookstone fan is blasting.

Living up to my promises of prints and tribal chic meets Pacsun, because thats how I am in the summer.

and meet the new Rebecca Minkoff Mac I have!
Ta-da! The tribal woven MAC clutch!
The design, the feel of the leather and patent trims and dont forget the signature lock in the front. Rebecca really gets me every time. This brings the collection to 6 RM bags and counting.

Also, another print for summer i love. These woven flats are by SAK.

Comfy along with my fresh pedicured feet. Finally found the time to do them.

And now to get back to work and lounge at the same time.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. lovely!

    xx, rebecca

  2. The bag <3
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