#NYFW Day 3 : Beeh at Son Jung Wan

So my adventures from the train walking into the tents after it has just freshly rained, the Lincoln Center Outdoor Corridors are slicked with rain but everyone still dressed in their Saturday bests.
Today I had Son Jung Wan on the mind and agenda!

I decided to go Saturday casual as well but with touches of red. Apparently red is my color just like blacks, purples, olives, and creamy off whites.

Carried my PS1 with my vintage Givenchy scarf, which I ended up losing later on. T_T

Jeans: Gap 1969 Premium Skinnies
Snoes: Ferragamo Sneakers
Top: J.Crew

On my way to Lincoln Center from home

Ran into rain along the way. Gorgeous scene, with the rain droplets, I just had to take it. Dark looming clouds.

Waiting in the Line at Son Jung Wan to get in!

Spotted some yummy shoes. Where's the leopard bootie, can you tell me?

The scene to get in.

Got a good spot in standing. Look at that viola watercolor background. Pretty isnt it.

And the show begins, unfortunately, my camera only picks up white figures, so I took some good ones and have video.

Lovely lemon colored dress, fresh fruit for the spring, summer. Good amount of flounce and still be breathable!

The Hair was like ropes, 3 strands of braids stemming from a pony. GORGEOUS.

Final look. Lovely White number.

Final Walkthrough video of Son Jung Wan S/S 2013:

Other images from another source that was there (Credits to Mike Coppola):

You can still see the Korean Aesthetic, the dresses with the empire waistline. I immediately thought princess with this dress. I loved the ombre look, the sunset theme of yellow to corals, so beautiful for the spring/summer season.

The intricate details of the braids.

Loved this transitioning dress. The hues were of watercolors, the type that we would mix in art class to get a glossy light color. The exact idea was for this dress. I love the lighter colors on the top and dark shades on the bottom. This one is great for any figure. Wear with flip flops and bring out your decolletage, gorgeous pieces, so breezy.

The embroidery and beading on this one. OMG, LOVE. The mix of textures, the tweedy and circular patterns complement each other so much. I would love this top right now. Mixed with a neutral white shorts, Makes the white shorts more glam!
 Sparkle Tweedy. She has a gorgeous walk. The organza sleeves, beautiful.

The peplum type shorts, never seen that before, I LOVE IT. Something new!

Here is the same textured look on the dress. Gorgeous! :)

Love these pants. I envision nights out with this specific outfit.

On the train ride home,
A closer look at my head candy. Got this headband from Henri Bendel after the Rebecca Minkoff show on Friday for $18. Not bad right. When I saw it I immediately thought Eastern European Royalty meets Beeh's imagination! It was a perfect fit!

Got home and went through the goodies:
Magazines, Booklets, Information, and more!

Stay tuned!
~Kaye Beeh
Your one and only


  1. lovely post hun, i have a new outfit post, would love to know what you think hun!!


  2. Great pics!


  3. Waw spectacular event! thanks for your comment ...

  4. love your style and blog what about following eachothers on GFC ? :) maybe on facebook and twitter also? let me know :)

  5. Looks like an awesome event. Your hairband is so cute :D


  6. great recap of the day. the fashion show looks amazing!


  7. Hi!
    lovely show!
    nice blog!
    Thank's for visiting!

  8. The braids from this collection are killer! It looks like you had a lot of fun, and I'm sorry you lost your Givenchy scarf. Mea culpa :(

    xo Sherrie
    Closet Hound

  9. Thanks for the warm welcome. SUCKS that you lost your Givenchy scarf, but thank goodness it wasn't your PS1. Nice writing girl, descriptive and to the point, keep it up!


    Fashion Nostalgia

  10. Spectacular!! Great collection.


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