Beeh's #NYFW Day 3 : Chanel Suite with EDropOff

So after the Son Jung Wan show (which I will put up my thoughts on later), I decided to go check out the Endless Chanels that Edropoff has. You can follow them over twitter: @Shopedropoff. Edropoff, some of you may or may not know. Does designer consignment, closet clean outs, and sell these items on ebay for a listing of 7 days. They have endless items always listed.
I once bought a pair of Alaia Sandals through them.

All headed by Corri McFadden, you may have seen her on the Vh1 show, House of Consignment, which features her and her company EDropoff.
I had the pleasure to meet her. She had on these gorgeous platforms, glittered nonetheless, looked like Miu Miu but I did not ask who they were by.

This event was at the Empire Hotel and will be going on tomorrow as well. Here is your invite:

Here is the Chanels that showered the lovely suite. Which also had candy and water, but im watching my figure or trying to lose some of it! ;)

Yummy Chanel unique pieces. I heard from a lovely girl that they have over 2,700 more pieces of Chanel back at Headquarters. OMG. I am a Chanel baby at heart, so when I heard this, I nearly cried.

When you first walk in, Hello!

The auction for the same blue and white ombre style Chanel 2.55 style: Here
See, you can tell what your interested in and youll get the auction number to go home with and try to bid and win!

My favorite of the Chanels is always the jackets. I love them with jeans and a pair of leather boots. Fall hello!

Colors, every shape and size.

I spy a classic tweedy one!

The yummy backpacks. So fashionable and easy to carry.

Cute Plastic Case from Chanel stuffed with a Chanel Scarf. Tasteful!

Chanel Fashion Jewelry. A Chanel Casette Necklace, NEED.

You know I had to picture this one. Exotic Chanel. More than rent but gorgeous no?

Shirts, Printed and Beaded!

My favorite. Classic White Chanel Jacket with a lovely "Edropoff" insignia Love Shirt. :)

One of the lovely Edropoff ladies totting a one of a kind Tortoise Chanel.

Another lovely Edropoff Lady with a Heart Shaped Chanel Case.

Both are gorgeous and nice. I just love New York Fashion Week. Dont you?

~Kaye Beeh
Your one and only.


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