#NYFW Day 2: Beeh takes on Rebecca Minkoff

So I have had the pleasure to be invited to attend Rebecca Minkoff this season. Got there in good time, took some photos of the lobby, jam packed. Everyone in their Saturday and Sunday bests, and its only Friday. Ha!

Well anyway, went into the Standing line. I was standing with Glamazons, everyone looked really gorgeous though. Some people outdid themselves really. There was a girl with Studded Platform Boots, could not take her picture, since my camera was acting up. But it was STUNNNNING.

I spotted backless, Blazers, Tons of Rebecca Minkoff bags (Including mine I wore to the show), Nikons on the shoulder, Printed Dresses, some neon colors, and Shorts on many people. Summer still lives.

Here is my Look for today: (Til I decided to go tshirt alone) I decided to go Kate Lanphear Casual. Blacks, Blacks, and Printed Blacks.

Arm Candy:
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff 
Bracelets: Icons Vintage and The Silver one is Unknown
Watch: Michael Kors

 Shirt: Marvel Comics 
White Shirt: Ralph Lauren
Earrings: Tory Burch
Hair Bow: From Henri Bendel

 Jeans: Gap Premium 1969

My handy dandy Elmo Tote. Where I carried my iPad, advil, Ralph Lauren Shirt, A small bag of cookies, water, my phone and ipad charger, and Coach Umbrella. Be prepared no?

Had to pull out my sunnies.

Getting off the 1 train at Lincoln Center!

Inside the "tents"

Headed over to this booth to use their computer and pass by time. Glad I did. I got to know more about them, you can use their website for references, inspiration, and not to mention look up Voguepedia Old Issues of Vogue dating from 1930s.

 So much colors. I even looked up Karlie Kloss. Dozens of images came up.

Finally went to check in.

The line.

The scene inside: JAMPACKED.

Sorry for the blurriness. Told you guys, my camera was acting funny. See the girl with the draped jacket looking to her right. Chiara Ferragni of Blonde Salad. Right Across from me.

Then I spotted Kristin Chenoweth, all the way to the middle right of the runway. My camera could not zoom that far.

The music and DJ were killing it. Jay-Z Remix Dirt off your shoulders and all was playing. Girl next to me was bopping while taking photos. I thought she would not stop.

Here is some images courtesy of FashionEtc.
 White before Labor Day. Yes. The Fading floral garden print on the bottom is so gorgeous. All white then the shocking floral, what a new take.

You gotta have some sheer in the spring, summer no? I love the look of floral printing under the sheer. Never seen that before.

I tweeted about this one. The Floral Black Hawaiian style shirt over the white maid dress. I love it!

This time the printed hawaiian black floral garden fading into white on the bottom, so beautiful. I want this pants!!!!

I could see alot of ladies wearing this jacket. Just look at it, doesnt it look like a day at the beach. Beige sand and blue water!

Such a lovely day look. The simulationed jeans with the distressed ripping and a casual white tee with vivid flowers!

Print screen garden vest! Another one of my favorites of the show. The girl next to me agreed when she was not bopping to remixes.

The plaid. The plaid. The plaid. I never seen plaid does like this. Its very cool.

So preppy yet laidback. The plaid jacket, freedom tshirt, and the lace downsiding white shorts. So appropriate! I loved those shorts.

The quintessential cali girl I thought of immediately when I saw this look. This felt like Venice Beach 70s.

Tweeted about this one. Loved the shoes, black and white stripes and the blue lacing front hoodie jacket. Doesnt it remind of those Shakespeare Shirts with the front ties?

The palette was whites, florals, blacks, blues, and being neutral yet colorful at the same time. Easy fabrics for the summer and spring. Very cool Very chic. Very Rebecca Minkoff.

I attempted to take video of the final walkthrough. Sorry if you cant see! My camera sucks.

Favorite show of today. All in all, Spring is looking good again.

And of course, ended it with Sliced Chicken, Avocado, and Pumpernickel bread sandwich with orange spritizer at Bergdorfs.

~Kaye Beeh
Your one and only.


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