Sakura Matsuri Festival 2009

For all who doesnt know what the hell Sakura Matsu fest. is, well its a time of year when the Sakura trees bloom and tell many different stories. Bonzai plants can tell us stories as well. This all happened at Brooklyn Botanical Garden on both Saturday and Sunday!~ Too bad i couldnt go to the Saturday one because J-pop star Ai Kawashima was performing her mini concert at the end on the Cherry Esplanade Stage!~
I went on Sunday were there was Japanese Folk Music on these long flutes were being performed. A lot of cosplay went on. Inside the conversatory, there were loads of plants and Bonzai plants in a special room with an ancient wishing well. (Pictures to come later. It was seriously great. I got to get authentic souveniers, meet interesting people, learn more about this fantastic culture, and it inspired me to work harder. Thus, im happy to announce that i will start sketching new designs and ideas again. My artist/ drawing block is over, due to this amazing experience.~ There may have been other Sakura FEstivals over the world but this one, is by the most amazing and inspirational! <3

Good Days, Good Times.

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