Designer Collaborations and TOPSHOP OPENS!~

There was the lovely and splendid Alexander McQueen for Target, which I own a few pieces from, which came out in March and is very well ending a few weeks! (;[ a good era is going soon)

Even tough its not too collaborated, TopShop finally opened its doors Last Week! There was a week long launch party, Kate Moss was there! And among the party was Taylor Momsen, Blake Lively, Jennifer Lopez, and Marc Anthony!~ Wow it was star studded!~ They got to preview the store, enjoy club soda, after party afterwards, and free grab bag stuff!~ This was the big event since Gucci opened up on 5th Avenue and Giorgio Armani opened up 2 months ago up in 5th Avenue!~ (P.S. = Im going to TOPSHOP TOMORROW~! So ill post pictures and tell all of you non-New Yorkers or New Yorkers at heart, what the inside of a mega-million hotspot shop looks like!~) Lets just hope that it doesnt fall victim to the economy like our fellow Russian Princess of Fashion Kira Plastinina, whom had all North American shops except one in Los Angeles, close up due to the economy. Poor Plastinin, at least she has over a million shops in Russia and surrounding Asian nations to keep her fashion dreams alive.


Fear not, Roberto Cavalli lovers, even if Cavalli (Yay that Just Cavalli got picked up again by his financial investors!) isnt in H&M again, we finally have MW soon!

Matthew Williamson for H&M summer collection is coming May 14th!~~ Finally we can rejoice!
Target will be having Rogan Gregory and Scott Hahn's collection of Organic cotton fiber clothing, LOOMSTATE, being affordable is coming back again and is GREEN this time baby <3!>
With all of these dates in mind, mark your calenders ladies because Spring and Summer, Schools almost over is in gear and we love a good time, fashion and shopping time that is.
Open for business and being recession-proof!,
Love ya, Kaye Beet. <3

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