All of the boys and the girls in paris.... - Ladyhawke

Oh yesh, I was watching some Music video show which mostly features my favorite genre being indie, smooth rock, jazz, and dance music. Then I saw the video for Ladyhawke- "Paris is Burning", and i was blown away because its sooo catchy!~~ Plus this isnt even the first time ive heard it. It has been a hot song for the Paris Fashion Week and London Fashion Week runways. Chanel 2008 and Topshop 2008 runaway show featured this song! Plus I learned that her debut album was released last year, so I went down the music store and picked up a copy and now its like my favorite album. Another good song of our New Zealander Ladyhawke is "My Delirium" <3

I have a feeling she will be around a while with us. :] Plus it is known she has Asperger's Syndrome like other great singers such as Gary Numan, its what makes them unique and great musician. [=


  1. she has such great style! love the simpsons tee :)

  2. I know right. I mean she marches to her own beat <3. Thanks for reading!


Xoxo, Thanks for reading.