The Verve~ Weekend

Summer is coming up very quickly and I have already relaxed a bit. Just Final Exams gotta be done and BOOM! But whatever, I just have to express my love for THE VERVE~ Their most famous hits such as "Bittersweet Symphony" which is on my playlist and "Drugs Dont Work". They have reunited last year in 2008 and seems as if they are going on strong <3 Yay! Now I get to see more Richard Ashcroft. hmmmmm yummy!

But enough of that! Everyone should know about Japan Day tomorrow which is a big event happening in Central Park in NYC on Sunday May 31, babies! Entrance at 5th Ave and 97th street! Ill be there tomorrow doing run-throughs and enjoying the sights. For those who want more info go to and then click on the main page, for where it says Japan Day! Itll start off with a Marathon and then festival goodies and cosplay fun!~ So head on down and maybe get a Bubble Tea? =]

See ya there!!~

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