O la la~ The Filthy Youth

So, if anyone has seen the show Gossip Girl, of course I have, I found out a new band that i like their music, its on myspace, through an actor on Gossip Girl himself. I know many may know who this is.

YUP! Its Ed Westwick, or otherwise known on Gossip Girl as "Chuck", the smooth sly dude, who seems to be a womanizer with rich aspects but is misunderstood.

He is the lead singer of The Filthy Youth. When I went on Myspace and search them up, i found out that he is the vocals. When I heard the first song, im like wow, then the rest and im hooked on it. Its like mix of The Cure, Velvet Underground, and Modest Mouse. (Well for me, i believe this is how it is!!!)

I cant wait til they have an actual album out but you can score some of their gear online, just go to their myspace website. Especially hear their two songs "Boy Dont Smoke" and "Pirate". Im planning on getting an awesome shirt that says "Im a Filthy Youth". =] OR something like that. <3


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