Healthy Essentials: From Workout Wellness to Beauty

I always love a good peek into someone's essentials, you can see what they use for day to day action in terms of topicals, Ingestibles, and super cute stuff that makes a stressful day that much easier.

So here is my essentials from workout to wellness to beauty items, the ones that support my system, my goals, and the results I desire.

Workout & Wellness Essentials

For Ayurveda its all about the finding the right things for your dosha type. Mine is a pitta, so I have an extensive inner fire so sometimes I can get off balance in the summer and my digestion via stress can suffer. The whole body massage with the pitta massage oil by Banyan Botanicals is so helpful, with the essential oils including sesame oil has really helped to cool. I just do a rub down before my morning shower or sometimes the night time shower.

And then in terms of probiotics, I love the Garden of Life Fitbiotic in the 50 billion. In terms of the amount of billions, usually its good to start between 10-50, its all fine tuning if your body has any issues like colon, immune, digestive support. Great thing it has added is prebiotic fiber which is good for keeping the good bacteria in your system (small intestine) since I have been using it for months since it was first released, I noticed great things happening.

Of course the group shot of some of the stuff I use daily.

-Banyan Botanicals Triphala, great for regularity and occasional constipation but I have been always regular, so this helps me go even more sometime two to three times a day. Its natural detoxifying.

- Garden of Life Organic Digest +, Love the units of bromelain, papain, and other fruits and veggies that have good enzymatic properties, great for taking after meals.

- Garden of Life Detoxifiber, Love this two to three times a week with some orange juice or pomegranate juice, even in a smoothie. Pea and Flax, helps with digestion and helps whenever I have a stress induced ulcer trying to form or a burning. Preventative against food toxin recirculation or toxin recirculation back into the body, great to help eliminate it. The Flax binds to it.

- C4 Ripped, love how it makes me tingle, feel energized and sweat through my tough HIIT workouts, cycling, and cardio/strength sessions. Love how green bean coffee and cayenne is added to it.

- Gaia Herbs Golden Milk, I love a good ayurvedic recipe. So this one is a nice way to get it all in without the work. Includes ashwagandha and turmeric, great for anti-inflammatory and recovery. Just warm up some milk and put a spoon in and stir. Easy as that.

- BPI Sports Best BCAA, the flavor is amazing, great stuff to take post workout since I dont like doing protein powders like that or RTDs, Great away to recover and reduce soreness from DOMS the next day.

Last but not least,
- Muscletech Platinum CLA Powder, great way to mix this into any drink and get my fatty acid to help with my fat deposits and lean muscle enhancing. Flavorless but good. Usually do these with my BCAA mix.


Newest darlings to my collection and I quite like how they work.

- Tatcha Classic Rice Enzyme Powder. Makes my face feel thoroughly cleansed and the pearl in it, makes it very luminous after a good wash.

- Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist. Always love the natural products Jurlique creates, my 2nd favorite since their herbal recovery product. I love carrying this in my bag and giving my face a nice mist when its hot out, I am stressed, or need a nice set over my skincare stack, after the sunscreen. Dewyness never hurt nobody!

Bought this off Evine! Beekman 1802 is so amazeballs.
Love the facial cleansing wipes in the honey blossom and the natural pure goat milk. Smells great, alcohol free and it thoroughly gets the trapped dirt! My last favorite was the Skyn Iceland Facial Glacial Wipes and these are surely on that level of love!

Then for my Korean skincare favs, 

- The Saem Power Ampoule Hydra Hyaluronic Acid. Great after my essence for extra hydration at night.

- Nature Republic Argan Nature, great for dryness and good essential nourishment that is necessary to keep your face moisturized throughout the work day.

- Nature Republic Polynesia Lagoon Water Hydro Cream. Love the pleasant smell and coverage. Makes my skin feel supple even a few hours later. Very hydrating and bright!

Lastly, one of my favorites, people call it magic and I am inclined to agree. The Aztec Secret Bentonite Clay mask. This helps with deep pore cleansing and control. Not to mention, if you are having hormonal acne issues and acne breakouts, it helps to keep the skin clean. Use with either water or for even more powerful results, do Apple Cider Vinegar. I do this once a week or once every other week.

And there you go, I hope you guys enjoyed.

~Kaye Beeh

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