Health Fix: Gaia Herbs' Golden Milk Mix

Taking a stroll through my local health food store favorite, Elm Health, initially on a hunt for a few packets of natural calm raspberry magnesium, Gaia Turmeric Boost packets and some daily energy packets by MegaFood, I saw a shiny beacon of hope (A Devil Wears Prada reference).

The new since 4 months ago, Gaia Herbs' Golden Milk!
Apart of the new Gaia reboot line of turmeric, daily vitamin and daily adrenal support products.

But anyways, I love the ingredient list, its pretty solid and in line with ayurvedic tradition. Do love the vanilla for flavor, the dates for cooling and nutritional benefit, the turmeric for anti-inflammatory, and ashwagandha for stress and relaxation natural sustainable energy support.

Mix a teaspoon in some warm milk. I mix it with my regular Fairlife ultra filtered and organic milks. Takes a little time to mix but afterwards its not grainy that much and tastes like a sweet-savory treat!

$20 for a 3.7 jar and 30 servings, not bad at all, Gaia.

~Kaye Beeh

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