Beeh Wishlist: Henri Bendel Canvas Leather Convertible Jetsetter Backpack

So usually I love a good large backpack for not only traveling but when I go to school or have to run errands. To my surprise, it never crossed my mind to look into the canvas ones by Henri Bendel. Usually when I go to Bendels, its to go to L'Artisan Parfemeur for a new lotion, candle, or scent then cross into the sections like headbands, hair accessories, books, and loungewear. But now I am seeing this bag nearly everywhere and I have to say I love the practicality.
Not to mention you can get it monogrammed. Now how personal can you get?

A look at it in action:
(via Pinterest)
I figure that when I start law school, I will need some roomy and chic bags to carry! I mean when I first took the LSAT, I saw winter sessions classes were happening and a girl was carrying a Celine Phantom, go figure!

I want to be even more practical instead of doing a phantom, why not a Henri Bendel Convertible Bag. Can easily be a crossbody or a backpack. Now thats a million dollar idea.

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