Casuality Set & Real Life Pairing

I for one, love the time when spring and summer almost meet but dressing can sometimes become a bit hard because of the fluctuation in weather. Especially that is what is occurring right now, one day its 78 degrees and the next its 61. Which is why, I get rid of the light jacket and go for a sweater or double long sleeve tops to keep me warm just in case.

I love a good outfit like above, a great dark denim, designer sneakers, arm candy bracelets, and a quirky pairing. My quirky pairing was a personal favorite: stripes and a denim ombre shirt. I have not worn denim as a top since my 2005 Guess Jeans days, where I thought I was the coolest kid in NYC wearing a light wash denim jacket with everything.
For the real life execution, I switched out a sole kick ass leather bag and sneakers for a tweedy + leather combo bag, and quirky espadrilles.

Its like as time goes on, one develops their own personal style even more and really start to hone in on what they like and what suits them, and keep refining it for their body type and appropriateness. Its a process of growth. I mean wearing a true second skin that you are comfortable in, now thats guts.

Shirt: Uniqlo Pure Blue Denim Ombre Shirt
Inner shirt/Top: J. Crew
Denim: Boyfriend Jeans by Gap 1969
Bag: J. Crew Marlie Crossbody Bag
Shoes: Tory Burch Flamingo Espadrilles

Items in set:
Shirt: Same as I am wearing
Shirt: J. Crew Stripe, similar to mine.
Denim: Gap, similar to mine.
Bag: Alexander Wang Angela Mini Pochette
Shoes: Lanvin

~Kaye Beeh


  1. This is a great outfit... it looks very nice on you Kaye xox ♡

  2. love the denim and strip combo! such a casual and chic outfit!


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