Preview: Lilly Pulitzer for Target

Preview: Lilly Pulitzer for Target

I knew about this a few months in advance but only remembered a few weeks ago. I gotta say, this is not a bad Target collaboration as it might bring Target back onto the collab game. The epicness of pretty Lilly prints via Florida chic and multiple department collaborations Target is known for is an electric combination.

I for some reason knew this would be on the Missoni and Liberty of London level but last night's magnitude of people online, some of whom have work in the morning, I never expected those level of proportions. The twitter hashtag #LillyforTarget was trending worldwide, leaked mobile links were the norm, thus leading to things being sold out before time, and the target website being crashed multiple times. It was a bit unfair and monstrous but glad to those who were able to get for good wholesome reasons. I got lucky with the palazzo pants as seen above and the flip flops, as seen above as well.

I can vividly remember the first link posted being those wedge sandals and the amount of sharing was unexpected. But as I expected, the ceramic mug link was probably being hoarded so I lost out on that and all of the ebay resellers are selling them 4x and 5x their original price.

The rest of things I am going to the store in a bit to check out and see what I can at least rally. I did have the option to buy the hammock and chair but wavered. No space for hammock, I reasoned with myself but I would have loved it.

Id rather see some of the pieces in person so I can know quality and functionality. Like with the chair, beach towel, string lights, hair holders, votive candle set, drinking glasses and porcelain plates.

I am usually your dark color and fun mix kinda girl but in the summer, I shake things up a bit so this collection comes at a great time. 

*Sometimes the exclusivity on certain things is nice but something all the masses can enjoy is way better. Integration and freedom is always best, old tradition, bye bye.*

I am a big fan of mixing high and low and I know some other bloggers and such are, cant wait to see what everyone does in their homes and outfits.

Will update later on with two later posts about what I got from the mail and in stores!

~Kaye Beeh

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  1. The products are all so beautiful! What a fun collaboration!


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