Just In: Lilly Pulitzer for Target Part One

After visiting the store during the evening hours of the opening day, all of the shelves and racks were rummaged and picked through, but to my surprise, two pieces were left and one of which I had in the Lilly Pulitzer for Target online wishlist: The Gold Bell string lights!

And found the stoneware ceramic serving tray to be a wild card and so well made, I decided to buy it! 

This is of course part one of the haul, and with my shipping confirmation of my two other pieces I ordered online, thats coming soon!

I of course, strung my lights already! Arent they a beaute, I did fix them even more after this photo was taken!

Still figuring out how to best utilize my serving tray!

~Kaye Beeh


  1. Kaye... the lights are so pretty, I love the atmosphere they bring ♡ I'm sure you will find a great use for the serving tray too xox

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  3. Glad you were able to find some things. I don't even bother with the Target collaborations anymore. You practically have to get up at dawn and hope you can purchase what is on your wish list. I really like the lights and the serving tray is so elegant.


  4. Oh, I can imagine that you are really happy, the lights are so cool and beautiful <3
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena
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  5. nice, kisses :)



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