What's Summering at J. Crew

Going through J. Crew's website this time of year is my favorite, not only are factory shirts cheaper but you get to see some really neat spring/summer items that you can actually wear and look cool for school in.

Speaking of public school, the menswear CFDA award winners had a pop-up sale in New York but sold out alot of their goodies on the J. Crew website as well. There are a few sweatshirts available and I am going to try to pick up one! I love the effortless cool and school style influence from free dressing and uniformed schools.

Not to mention other goodies here that I want that is sure to induce a color coma and wearing leather sandals all summer~

First: The Gemstone Floral Silk Tee. Easy silk for the summer and the prints you can mix with your basics. 

Second: Collection Painted Denim Shorts. Love the edgy carpenter feel to these. Usually love denim shorts that give you a little something more than a different wash.

Third: Equestrian Slingback Sandals. Beautiful horsebit, golden embellishments and all leather straps and ankle strap. I love how minimalist it is but has that extra rich touch.

Fourth: Factory Printed Linen Pullover. Love the geometric patterning and the linen material, easy to wear casually and for going out for a job interview. Not to mention the cheap price!

Fifth: Broken-In Boyfriend Chino Shorts in Paint Splatter. Not only is paint splatter great on denim but regular chino as well.

Sixth: Factory Printed Voile Pullover in Sunwashed pink. Cheap price, the brush stroked vs tiger claw print looking display of pink and grey is very fun!

Seventh: Public School for J. Crew PS Sweatshirt. Love the wrist trims and cool print on the sweatshirt, its slouchy and a fun uber cool piece to add to any outfit.

Overall, these are my favorite pieces browsing through the web. Next week, I will do a HM post to see whats new over there~

~Kaye Beeh

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