~Summer Fitness Fun~

The time of spring and summer spurs on juices, smoothies, the beach, surf, outside walking, the park, and not to mention capris, shorts, dresses, tank tops, and muscle tees!

For myself, I have been an avid fitness lover since my days as an athlete. From being an Equestrian when I was younger, a tennis player, and varsity badminton player. Staying in shape, fitness, and the healthy lifestyle has always been important to me.

I wanna know what workout programs or your regimens are!

I have done Focus T25 by Shaun T in the past, from December to April and lost 10 pounds and inches.

Now I am on Insanity, yes that INSANITY, just finished month 1 and I am in recovery week about to hit max workouts soon~

But here are some of my workouts I own. Some from Beachbody and others are other popular ones!

My little collection of Tracy Anderson workouts. Great for those light days when you need the pilates and strength muscular structure work she does best. Toning.

Then my Namaste Yoga dvd, that combines Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga with the soothing voice of Kate Potter narrating and the beautiful scenes of Canada. Then my Beachbody program, Turbo Jam by Chalene Johnson, great kickboxing and dance workout~

My other dvds, Fe Fit 90 Day Fitness Experience, havent tried it yet but I will start it after I finish Insanity.
My favorite yogi, Sara Ivanhoe's Total Body Yoga with weights workout, which is great for that extra challenge.
And of course my exhale core fusion thighs & glutes dvd, great for tightening up the lower body and core. My only exhale dvd left as I have sold out the rest on Ebay.
And the infamous hard Zuzka Light's workouts. The power cardio series.

Love the Bob Harper Dvds, The Firm Express, Figurerobics Korean Tracy style workouts, and the Les Mills Combat System.

And the Tapout XT series.

I have alot more but they are stored away as these are my main focus.

And of course my weight set from Gold's Gym. It carries  3 lb, 5 lb, and the challenging 8 lb I am progressing to.

~Kaye Beeh

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