Beeh Loves: Gift Library of Caroline Stanbury~

I am sure most of us have seen the premiere and second episode of the newest Bravo show, Ladies of London, and immediately I love it. Seeing different areas like Notting Hill and what not, since I wanted to visit the United Kingdom and see Europe next summer.

I am so enamored with Caroline Stanbury, always heard of her and about her even before the show but she has this amazing company called the Gift Library, with her namesake. Its basically like a concierge shop sort of like a Colette but has different sections and categories where you can find a gift or even something for yourself or even your home!

Not only does it carry luxury brands like a Sophie Hulme Zip Top Bowling Bag for a girl's 21st Birthday but for the more aged and well-versed 50 year old's birthday, a crystal decanter set by Ginger Brown.

So its not limited by any means and there is good luxurious selections.
Its kind of perfect for the husband who can have no idea what to buy for his wife and what a daughter can buy for her father or mother. Either way, I am impressed.

You can visit the Gift library here.

Plus I included a little bit of her closet inducing coma video that will make you swoon. Her closet was featured in the first episode.

~Kaye Beeh

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