Where the Heroes and Villains Dine: Action Burger

Recently I had to secure comic con tickets, since my press availability was nil. Called over at Action Burger and got my Saturday badge on hold. Low and behold I made the trek to Williamsburg over on Graham Avenue, A yellow bannered space called Action Burger was before my eyes.

I am greeted warmly with pure comic strips on walls, vintage video gaming units, and Fat Albert movie showing on the flat screen in the corner. It felt very homely, not to mention having a pick of food from the Hero Heroes, Power Ups, Villain Food, and Hero Food. I had decided to go with the grilled chicken wrap. Of course I decided to get mighty french fries.

I set it upon the comic photos of the Punisher, Hulk, and laser eye Scott that are inscribed into the table tops. Neato right? Any comic fan would appreciate this theme!

The food is divine and I learned that the owner is creator of Bio sapien comics. He is really friendly and engages in any conversation on any subject matter. Yes I was busy eating while listening in on him talking with someone else about the bio series and the government these days.

I love the idea of groups meeting there for discussions, playing a couple of games, talking developments in the comic universes and basically everyone having a little nook to come eat, play, and have fun!

All in all, you guys should take a ride to Action Burger on 292 Graham Ave in Williamsburg.

I could see myself come back again and again. (Plus if you live in the neighborhood there is free delivery :) , makes a mental note to move to williamsburg and get something rent stabilized when I become a lawyer, ok?)

P.S. -Take note of the GI Joe crown mouldings.

~Kaye Beeh

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