#NYCC Tidbit: Easy Pieces Comics by Neil Dvorak

While at NYCC diving through the endless troves of latex clad cosplayers, super fans with Captain America shirts and Spiderman shirts like myself, I run into a lovely decorated olden English with a hint of neo-classicism booth and there I met Neil Dvorak.

Neil Dvorak hails from a family of visionaries and creators. His comic series, which I have #660 of, is called Easy Pieces. It is a comic series of well detailed and yet simplistic notions of a character that could be himself, you, or me. Going through a philosophical journey of some sorts of the determination of how we fit in the world or in other words how we see ourselves fitting in with our own world.

It showcases instances of real life adventures and thoughts that we all take during certain moments when you stop to ponder. These nine comics, I have read the first three so far is so profound.

I myself being a philosophy major in college finds it so paralleling to my own thoughts and intersects with what I study. I do believe that anyone can appreciate this comic series as sometimes to tell a story or ponder about things, not everything can be all colorful.

From the simple olden style envelope, when you open it, it tells all of us a story we would often over look, in the words of Ferris Bueller, "life goes pretty fast if you dont stop and look around once in a while, you can miss it."

~Kaye Beeh

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