Wanted: The Perfect Fitness Tee

Its summer and everyone can either laze around, go do fun active activities or both. Me I like a little bit of everything. Take a couple of trips to different places, live an active lifestyle, and become a little bit competitive at group fitness classes.

Which brings me to my point about finding a good gym or fitness shirt to workout in. Not only is moisture wicking incredibly important but also breathable tees that are cool looking and send a good message.

Gymdoll, I discovered a week ago designs these awesome Nike-esque tees but instead the price range is more affordable, they use ringspun cotton, and their aesthetic when it comes to selling their gymdoll shirts and tees is inspirational.

I may as well put my order on this baby:
The Burn Active Tee, you can buy it here

I mean working out is hard enough as it is, why not have a shirt that helps to bring about that inner athlete. Pair these with your lovely old bermudas or a shiny new Lululemon capris and we are ready to go!~

~Kaye Beeh


  1. o i like that tee! and moisture wicking is definitely important. i've been looking for the perfect workout pants. i find that my leggings are too tights and they don't allow the blood to circulate properly and my legs always end up itching so much.

  2. very nice tee ;) xo, Alma


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