Jen Kao S/S 2011 - NYFW Day 1

Pic of JK

This collection as I watched it from live stream on milkmade is ethereal from the swirl like graffitti waves on the floor of the models and the sand they walk with gladiator or string style shoes was gorgeous. It had like a desert mirage and ocean meets the mermaids of zombie brides. My interpretation of her inspiration was close enough! Truly! When she came out in the blue pants, she looked adorable!

Flowy pieces for both a day out and night out in the warm and cool times, so I definitely see them selling quite quickly and myself purchasing an item or two.

Loved the earth and nude tones for all skin types and the flowy material and embroidery details on some of the tops and dresses. The splash effect of blues in some tops and dresses. I loved it.z For a person with a little thigh problem, dresses like these I definitely love because I hardly wear dresses, as most of you can tell.

My personal favorite was the white embroidered waist dress.

This one was truly a fantasy, footprints in the sand to last a long time.

I definitely felt the warmth in the clothes from JK and definitely look forward to seeing more from her. :)

~~Kaye Beeh

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