Sakura Matsuri 2010 at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Sakura Matsuri was for Saturday and Sunday. (I could only go on Sunday for the whole day but Saturday for a little bit because of the Temperley London Spring 2010 Bridal Collection, which Ill discuss in another post)

If I were to tell you that a festival is a small function I would be underestimating by the thousands/hundreds. I happen to love the Sakura Matsuri which always comes around early May, it was actually my first year where I am the volunteer of the event. It was a blazing sun with sweat and tons of trips to the bathroom, tons of cold icy water to hit your face and throat but it was worth it. I worked in the patio gift shop and saw tons of cosplay characters like Sonic the hedgehog hats, geishas, yukatas, kimonos, asian wear, Sonya Blade, Sesshomaru, the chain gang, and lolitas and goth lolitas. It was awesome meeting new people and helping out others.

Everyone laying out onto the grass and enjoy the festival. It definitely reminds me of Coachella. Plus the beer there haha, I can not have any but tons of people got sake, water, tea, and tons of sushi! They even had sushi pillows.

Then the manga library was nice with the artists, the comedy of Uncle Yo XD (that dude is sooo hilarious), so many cameras, bonzai museum, the cherry esplanade stage with performers and classes and workshops about japanese culture.

The Ultimate way to end a weekend was today at the Sakura Matsuri under the blazing sun with a nice Hinata Hyuuga cosplay and an oriental fan/parasol which has nothing to do with your cosplay but looks wicked kickass. Truly a magical event! I hope to see everyone again next year. (For cosplayers, see you at June or September for comic con and anime fest!)

I took videos but I have to upload them later. No pictures sadly but these are pretty good. (thanks from the respective owners), i didnt bring the Nikon but had the HTC phone.

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