Spring Anthem --2010 is calling, they want their lives back!

Spring cleaning has come up and I apparently got rid of a nice few bunch of things that a) do not fit anymore , b) I gravely say "am I stupid and what was I thinking" or c) "I was not sober" Haha on the sober one, I do not drink at all. ironic. But tender spring is in air, love has begun as all people around me are sitting closer than normal, flirty dresses come out but my flirty goods are all either edgy or dark colored. Forgive my "whatever" attitude though, I love florals but Id rather do it my way like this..

Florals are still here but one trend that a little too flossy...is lingerie..?

When I told meh mum about knickers being out and about, I got scorned for If I ever did something like that...well too late. I attempted a floral Liberty of London night top with jeans and a blazer...it did work until that day it started to rain.
And thats how I will end it. PERIOD.

Hehe but the anthem of spring is fun, cool, edge, new leaf, new beginning, hope, inspiration, ambitious & forbidden. Yes, forbidden in lingerie and other antics such as the sweatpant trend I have been hearing about. Mr. Alexander Wang does it well and its a edgy chic style but normal heather Grey without any type of good tailoring and non-gym like. Guess again.

But I will stay that those Alexander Wang Spring 2010 cutout gym socks are quite the eye turner, I ordered my pair and Im desperately waiting for them. :P

Until again lovies,


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