Oh Lucite, you mesmorize me soooo....

Lately, ever since I have seen the Bergdorfs spring/summer shoe book and magazine along with other jewelry catalogs, also the fendi and prada ss 2010 runways. I have been interested in a little buddy named Lucite. You know there are different styles and ways to have lucite. In shoes, bags, furniture, holy cow...I could die from lucite-lust.

Here are some really cool pics of lucite dominance.

All of those are featured in the Prada Spring Summer 2010 collection of lucite accesories like your floating on air or mesmorizing water :P Haha, I love it.

Next is some from Fendi Spring Summer 2010 which are so lux with other elements featured with lucite.

I love the lucite earth brown tone platforms from Fendi, those are really cute. I like the idea of wearing trench coats to contrast with the lucite platforms, gives an architectural feel and structural height. I could just imagine fendi or prada doing a campaign of model wearing a trench coat with the lucite heels in front of a skycraper building bending backwards (sans Natasha Poly Gucci spring/summer 2010 campaign).

Some lucite furniture which is pretty cute along with chic lucite jewelry.

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