Exhale NYC Mind-Body Spa - Core Fusion

Well you have all heard of the Exhale Core Fusion dvds, which I love and have been doing for two weeks. But there is tangible spas around the country, and just in new york there are about 4 locations with 1 being for residentials only via Manhattan House.

Yesterday (Sat may 8th) I went to the Central Park South location for my 7 day transformation 1 week unlimited membership. And boy was it lovely. The atmosphere is just right, nothing stressful and all gendered alike. There is an area for spa treatments, nail treatments, a little replenishment of teas, clothing to buy like workout clothing, womens and mens changing rooms with high tech-like lockers, showers, a steam room, and their own products for cleansing and hair alike.

I took a core fusion basic class but missed yoga that morning but any who, i felt a little lost so I talked to some staff members and other students there and everyone was so relaxed and helpful. You get into class and you bring your little towel and start working immediately with weights and all. It was a true total body workout. The legs, upper body, and core all worked simultaneously. The instructor pushes you in a good way and is very positive towards you. Personally, I liked my instructor alot! (Thank you Marnie!) Then the stretches after each section was sooo great and felt good. It was about an hour and some minutes long. After class, you can climb up these series of connecting bars and just hang and stretch out after that hard work.

The Stall Bar from which I hang for a nice elongating stretch.

Then after you shower and blah blah, feel refreshed.

When Fitness Magazine said Exhale is one of the best Spa like gyms. I agree 10000000%. I definitely see myself pay for packages of classes, pay for singles, and then purchase membership this fall. (Thats my plan of execution)

So visit Exhale Mind Body Spa as soon as you can!

(Next Week Ill be doing Yoga with them for the first time, along with another core fusion basic and another class, so stay tuned)

Ciao! :)

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  1. So glad you liked it. Marnie is great! When you start taking Core Fusion Open let me recommend some teachers for you. As for yoga, you need to try Core Fusion Yoga with Kayleigh on Tuesday morning at 7 am and Music Yoga Flow with Erin. Can't wait to hear more about your experience!


Xoxo, Thanks for reading.