My New Obsession.......gloves ya love baby

I just love the transition between Winter and Spring solstice, its fun, enlightening, and just plain happy to trade in fur boots for rain boots and wool coats for parkas and cotton blend. I have enlisted in gloves and mittens, which have become my wear round obsession. When it gets warmer, I can switch to fingerless and leather fingerless types. Hence one that was by Chanel as worn by singer Solange which is so gorgeous and edgy at the same time dainty.

Then the legendary Karl Lagerfeld, whom I love to call the Majesty for all, wears his signature sleek black and white shirt combo crisp suit with leather fingerless gloves since forever! My obsession is healthy guys and im really happy that I have my idols to back me up on that!

The Gloves as seen at Chanel and Valentino.

And are the gloves that I got now :D

And these are beyond wicked! Long sleeved leather fingerless gloves, definitely on my want list!

And lastly but not ever over, the Giuseppe Zanotti High wrist leather fingerless gloves, also on my want list :D argggh!!

These are awesome, you can actually get a pair of leather fingerless gloves yourself and do the craft work studding pasting details as a DIY project!

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