I wonder If ill see you again.....tsumori chisato

Tsumori Chisato is the relaxed aesthetic designer. I love her drapping, the florals and ruffles that she has done for Tsumori Chisato Spring/Summer 2010. This collection truly makes it feel like spring has come again. It is so feminine and the print's hues have a technicolor feel to them. The dresses and shirts make it seem like you have wings to fly away and stay cool and chic in the summertime.

These are great pieces to wear and feel the true Tsumori Chisato "spring"

(Images credits goes to nymag)

This is actually my favorite S/S Tsumori dress. I want it :)

Fun fact about Tsumori Chisato, she designed in Paris and interned for Issey Miyake <3

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