Welcome to New York - Calvin Klein 205W39NYC

Its waiting for you~ Imagine that playing as you look for the old Calvin Klein goodness with sleek power suits with luxury tailoring and a streamlined modern refined silhouette that Francisco Costa perpetuated.

Not anymore! With Raf Simons at the helm, he made a splash with the luxury line of Calvin Klein called Calvin Klein 205W39NYC, which is aptly named after the CK's own Manhattan Fashion District Headquarters!
Photo: Barneys// @Barneys: Floral Silk-Wool Jacquard Foldover Top
With Costa out and Simons in, we are seeing the luxury modern refinement that CK is known for, with taking business casual bests and putting a true raf twist on it. Deconstructing the business individual to show there is another layer to them, a playful one at that. At least thats how I read into this new collection!
Photo: Barneys // @Barneys: Contrast-Sleeve Wool-Blend Sweater
You will notice that magic with all of the sweaters, coats, and blouses in this collection.

I have to admit at first I was a skeptic but this looks to be an interesting shift in the CK history and hoping a refreshing continuous revival that it so needs, CK Collection and not the CK Contemporary pieces that are in our department stores, those are a hot go to selling point for many of us working folks.

~Kaye Beeh

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  1. These are some cute outfits, it's nice that many people are checking in on me... Have a great upcoming weekend.

    Launna <3


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