Gams into Fall: Stuart Weitzman Leather Lowland Over the Knee Boot - Two Ways

My new babies, loving the next level over the knee trend, forget the trust riding boots or moto boots being worn nearly everyday, these for the last 3 years have been a trendy piece but slowly has been manuvering into being a staple in any wardrobe!

I love how second-skin they feel, how they fit! These have to have its own boot box, stalks and shaper to keep them great and leather conditioner! Care for your boots and see them last for a while.

Here at Neiman, for $875, well worth the splurge with its gorgeous 1" heel!

Here is one way to wear it! Casually with a pair of black skinny denim and a tee for a ride out!

Add a military parka duffle coat, and its like all you have on are your boots, elongating the legs!

Bonus is if your denim is ripped, giving it a chic city downtown girl vibe, downtown below 23rd st in NYC that is. Specific enough lol.

Add in a casual wardrobe staple like the LV speedy and it can become a shopping, getting grocerys, running out to hang with friends and go see a movie lewk!

Second way:

If you want a more trendy, eclectic look, add in a patchwork jacket and utility style mini leather bag or crossbody!

My crossbody is the Phillip Lim 'Wednesday' Cosmetic Crossbody Bag. Not sold in stores anymore but can be found in various places like Ebay, The Real Real, Fashionphile, Lyst, etc.

These boots can be worn with dresses or skirts but have not explored that avenue yet! These are so versatile.

~Kaye Beeh

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