Fab Four: Top Picks from Upcoming Erdem for H&M Collab!

Time is upon us! Erdem for HM is coming out next week on November 2. I am sure you folks, like myself, have our calendars, kitchen timer, and phone timers set for the release.

As per usual, make sure you follow Racked, Glamour Mag, and HM for updates on time release, where to shop, and whats covetable.

For me these are the core four, the fab four I need in my life:

There is something about the lace chiffon and tie neck that is so modern romantic victorian. The sneakers and blazer are so prim and yet fun. I believe these four can get you far in any other piece.

Price points are higher but not as expensive as Lanvin for HM was. The blouses are like $129, the blazer around the same and shoes around the same. I cant wait to see the quality in person to truly make an informed purchase. 

Or frantically order a blouse in my size before even stepping foot in the store.

Thoughts on the success of this collab?

~Kaye Beeh

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  1. Kaye, I like the blazer...they are worth the price due to how versatile they are that they are a classic clothing item that will last for years to come xox


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