Beauty Slay: Favorites in Hair Care! Achieving that Polish.

I love a good polished look one day and the next is a sort of natural-effortless style. These products definitely are my favorites, they help to achieve the looks I go for plus I would go as far as calling them my holy grail hair care necessities.

  1. Verb Ghost Oil, at Sephora for $14. Good for shine and frizz, which is my main and only use for it. While those who color their hair, it helps to retain color too, as an added bonus!
  2. Moroccanoil Treatment Oil, at Nordstrom varying sizes and prices for $15-44. With this one, great to put in your hair after washing before you set and dry! A little bit goes a long way, so it will last for a while. Smells great and really makes your hair coated and silky. Weightless.
  3. Shiseido Tsubaki Extra Moist Shampoo and Conditioner Set, at Amazon for $27. Shiseido has been a japanese beauty staple for years and commanding beauty industry giant in the line of Japanese Beauty, Asian Beauty Markets. Always loved the Tsubaki line and more recently the Oil LTD set. The Camellia Oil helps with frizzing, and keeps it weightless and silky! You can buy this off Ebay or any retailer online like YesStyle.
  4. UNA Intensive Protein Treatment, at Amazon for $39, largest 1000ml size. This leave in conditioner mask is great, 15-20 minutes and some low heat and your hair is strengthened and protected!
  5. Oribe Foundation Mist, at Nordstrom for $27. I love how this spray provides thermal protection from heat styling products and promotes anti-frizz. High level of protein in this mixture that protects every strand and promotes smoothness as a setter if you would like before going under the dryer or when using a blow dryer!

Do you guys use some of these as well? I say if not, give them a try! Helps with polish, shine, strength, frizz, and silkiness.

~Kaye Beeh

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